1. Please go to your app store. 

  1. Type Gmail on the search field. 

  1. It should say Google LLC right below the title.

  1. Click install. 

  1. Once installed, click open.

Account for Gmail

  1. If you have multiple google accounts then it might ask you, which one you want to select to view currently as soon as you open the app. 

  1. Select the AlgomaU account.

  1. If you have multiple google accounts, then you can switch back and forth by clicking the circle on the right top corner that either will show your profile picture or initial of your name. 

  1. Click on your email id and it will show you all the google accounts you have on the device and you can select to switch the account.


  1. However, the gmail id that you do want, if it is NOT already added to the account then click add another account right below all the email ids. 

  1. Click Add another account - google - then put your AlgomaU email id and password.

  2. Then it will ask you to agree on the terms and conditions, just scroll down and click agree. 

Sync settings

  1. After this, go back to your inbox.

  2. Select the 3 vertical lines on the left hand side of the app. 

  3. Scroll down and select settings. 

  4. Select your algomau account. 

  5. Scroll down to sync options/days of emails to sync

  6. Change it from 30 days to 1 day

  7. Then your inbox will sync everyday and will be up-to-date. 

For algomau emails, we highly recommend you use the gmail app instead of any other built in app for your phone.