1. Even though your documents are submitted to HR, for an Algoma account or login credential, the HR needs to submit an IT hiring form

2. If you have not received login credential in your personal email id that was in your hiring form then please follow up with your supervisor or the HR at hr@algomau.ca to ensure an IT hiring form was submitted for you. 

3. If an IT hiring form was submitted then you will receive an email from IT Algoma with your login credentials within within a week or so after the form was submitted. 

4. After receiving the login credential, if you have any issues logging in then please report an incident at IT Service Desk 

Here are some links you can checkout: Timesheet Employees Documentation

                                                                    Employees (All Staff & Faculty) Login issues - Portal/Moodle/D2L/Gmail

                                                                    Username/Email id issue

5. Once logged in, to change your password to anything you like, here is a link to help: How to change Algomau Password?

6. Setup security questions and answers at Password Reset Portal to reset your password on your own in the future.

7. If you need an equipment, like a laptop or PC setup or phone extension on the desk then please have your supervisor submit a service request at servicedesk.algomau.ca 

*** Supervisors needs to submit the equipment request atleast 14 business days before the employee's start date as all equipment request will be reviewed and need approval from the department head as it comes out of the each department budget. Moreover, all the equipment will be ordered online on need to need basis as unfortunately we don't have any extra equipment that can be dispatched right away.*** 

8. Once you have received your login credential, please submit a staff card request by reporting an incident at servicedesk.algomau.ca 

Due to COVID-19, we are mailing all the staff cards to the home addresses, so please attach the 3 things listed below in the ticket:

a. Your photo

b. government issued photo id will be a passport or a driving license that displays your picture, full name and date of birth.  

c. Your full address (including the apartment number if any, house number, street name, city, state/provinces, zip code/postal code) in the description.

d. Subject: requesting a staff card.