Any algomau link requires you to login with an algomau email id in the browser. It is very easy to get confused. Here is a solution and you only have to setup this once. 

Please follow the steps below:

1. Open a chrome browser.

2. Click on a circle with your profile picture or name initial at the very top corner. (Red arrow)

3. Select the +Add from the drop down menu. It should be under other people at the very top of the drop down menu. 

4. You can type any name you want but just a small suggestion will be Student or algomau. 

5. Make sure to check in the box at the very bottom that says "Create a desktop shortcut for this user". 

6. Click add and it will automatically open a new tab. 

7. Click on the the same circle at the top right corner as before and click "Turn on sync".

8. Login with your algomau email id and password. 

9. Open the link again on that browser with your algomau profile.