Are the viewers can watch your video but cannot hear the audio?

Q1. Why it is happening? 

Ans: It is a google meet update that cause this issue and not your device. 

Q2. Is it a issue that can be fixed on a viewers end or the presenter's end? 

Ans: Presenter. 

Solutions and recommendation by Algoma IT:

1. If the video you are playing is in a presentation, then make sure to use google slides(Power-point is not recommendable) 

2. When you click present now, make sure to use a tab. (A Window share or Entire screen might create complications for your video's audio. ) 


3. If you have to use multiple tabs, then it is highly recommended that for the video sharing, you temporarily switch to share a tab and then once you have done sharing your video, you can switch back to share a window or an entire screen. (if you wish to switch then the best and only way to do it is  stop presenting and then click on present now again to get the options shown below. 


If you still face issue even after following our recommendation then feel free to reach us by creating a ticket.