Why my login is not working? 

Ans: 3 basic reasons and solutions will be:

  • The Username issue: The username is a little different depending on which Algoma site you are trying to login. Here is a link that might help with the username issue if you are not sure: Username/Email id issue

  • The Password issue: The Password field is case sensitive, check you are not mistyping. 

  • Password expired: Every Student/Staff/Faculty have to reset their password once a year. There is no specific date for all accounts as it depends on when each individual account was created. Once an employee password is expired or not working, the password can be reset through Password Reset Portal Make sure to login to passwordreset.algomau.ca and enroll first so that you can take advantage of the self help features!

  • Your account expired or have not been created yet: Check your personal email your login information 14 business days prior to your start date then please reach out to Human Resource at hr@algomau.ca to ensure that they have submitted an IT hiring/rehiring form. An IT hiring or rehiring form can only be submitted by either your supervisor or HR. We cannot extend an employee account until we get a confirmation from HR, the employee's supervisor or the Head of the Department. 

  • If you have not received it then please reach out to HR at hr@algomau.ca to make sure they have submitted an IT hiring form for you. 

Algoma University uses a single sign on so if the password is not working in any one of them then resetting the password is the only option.