Even though under LMS in your student portal, it shows all the LMS sites that are available to students however, you it is possible that you might not be able to access all of them.

If you are a new student and all the courses you are registered for are on Moodle, then you won't be able to access Brightspace. 


For Brightspace login for the first time, you will need to be registered in atleast 1 course that is on Brightspace

If none of your courses are on Brightspace, it will show you an authentication error. 

Same goes for Canvas too. 

How can I check if any of my courses are on Brightspace or Moodle or in Canvas? 

Please go to your Academics - Summary in the student portal and it will show the LMS site your courses located in beside each course code.

I am registered for courses and it is still not letting me login?

It might take the system atleast 24 hours to process the request and sync with registration office system. So, if you have registered for courses just now or an hour before and it is showing under your Academics- Summary in the student portal then it might take the system at most 12 to 24 hours to sync only after which you will be able to see your courses on the LMS site. If the courses are not showing in your LMS site within the next 48 hours of your course registration then please create a ticket at Create IT Ticket

My courses are not even showing under Academics - Summary in the student portal: 

Please contact Registration Office at regoffice@lagomau.ca 

Or the Academic Advisers at advising@algomau.ca 

Depending on the call volume or how busy it is, you will receive a response with 2 - 3 business days.