1. Go to https://employees.algomau.ca/home

2. Select ADP Workforce Now under the Links tab. 

3. Login with your username@algomau and the password you created. Make sure to NOT add  .ca to the end of your username

If you haven't created any credentials in ADP Workforce Now before, please email payroll@algomau.ca to provide you the information to register for the ADP Workforce Now

Any pay stub or T4 from before registration will NOT show up in ADP Workforce Now even after you register. It only shows you the documents after you have registered.


However, you can still email payroll@algomau.ca requesting the documents prior to your registration. 

IT do not have any access to ADP Workforce Now so if you forget the password then you have to follow the password reset process on their site. There is an option beside the Login button.