Google Meet - Part 1:  Booking a Meeting

NOTE: External users must have a google account and be allowed to join the meeting when it begins (Admit button will pop up - can only be done by meeting owner/organizer.)

  1. Sign in to your google account and open your Google calendar.

  2. Click to create a new event.

  1. Enter in a name for the event, and then click More options.

  1. Click on Add conferencing, and then Hangouts Meet.


  1. The Meet link will now be added to the event.  


  1. Update the rest of the meeting details/participants and click .

Google Meet - Part 2:  Joining a Meeting

  1. Connect to the event at least 5 minutes before it begins, if hosting - 15 minutes.

  1. Click the meet link in your calendar event to join the meeting.

  1. Verify your camera is working and click JOIN MEETING.

  1.  You may be prompted to Allow camera and microphone access, click Allow for both.

  1. Once in the meeting, you can toggle your camera and microphone by clicking these:

  1. If hosting a meeting in a physical room, step outside and verify with someone that the audio/video is functioning properly by connecting to the meeting via the Google Meet app on your mobile device. - Make sure to leave the room otherwise there will be audio feedback.

  1. You can present your screen to the meeting by clicking Present Now → Entire Screen.

  1. If you are not engaging in active conversation during the meeting, please keep your microphone muted.

  1. In the top-right corner you can toggle participants and chat.

  1. Click the Chat window to open chat and type to other participants in the meeting.

Google Meet - Part 3:  Recording

NOTE:  The recording will capture audio & video, as well as the content you are presenting.

  1. While in a meeting, click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner. 

  1.  Then click Record meeting and click Accept to accept the terms.

  1. Recording will soon begin and you will see a recording icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

  1. To stop recording, first click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner.

  1. Then click Stop recording.

  1. Click Stop recording to confirm.

  1. A copy of the recording will be stored in the My Drive section of your Google Drive, in the subfolder Meet Recordings.  NOTE:  This will take some time, depending on the duration of the video.

  1. Once the file has been generated you can share it as necessary. (Right-click file and select Share).

Google Meet - Part 4:  Troubleshooting

     In order to minimize the number of issues, complete a test call or connect to the Google Meet session prior to verify hardware and software functionality.  In the event that you experience audio/video problems, you can communicate with participants via chat/cell phone to troubleshoot if necessary.  Also, you can use a teleconference call as a backup for audio if possible.  

Audio issues

Cannot hear remote participant:

  1. Verify your volume is not muted.

  2. Verify the remote participant’s microphone is not muted.

  3. Verify that the speakers/sound system you are using is functioning properly (can test by playing other system sounds or youtube).

Remote participant cannot hear you:

  1. Verify that your microphone is not muted.

  2. Verify that the remote participant’s volume is not muted.

Video issues

Cannot see remote participant:

  1. Verify participant’s camera is on.

  2. Check list of participants on the right to verify they are connected.

Remote participant cannot see you

  1. Verify your camera is on.

  2. Disconnect and reconnect your webcam if applicable.

Recording issues

Recording is missing:

  1. Most likely you need to wait until the video file is generated, it takes some time.

  2. Make sure you recorded the video successfully.

  3. Navigate to the proper folder (My Drive → Meet Recordings)

  4. Additional resource: